About Us

Welcome to brickopolis

I am Laura, selling on a professional base ( VAT.nr : BE0865.708.667 ), located near the city of Antwerp. I have a 0% VAT rate because my business is small. Store inventory is located in Wommelgem, at 4kms away of the Official Lego Store in Wijnegem.

Domestic buyers : "Pick-it-up" is not offered as shipping method, because everyone was choosing this (cheapest option), regardless of intention. And with automated checkout this was posing a problem. Maybe when BrickOwl's engine gets reprogrammed so it is not default shipping method, I can include this. If you are hellbent on pick-up, please send me an email before placing an order : bbrickopolisATgmailDOTcom

I strive for fast handling and shipping . If you intend to use IBAN, maybe send me a screenshot of your payment, this will make things go faster.


Loyalty is rewarded as follows;

after 1st order = 3% off "forever coupon" on future orders

after 2nd order = 4% off "forever coupon"

after 3rd order = 5% off "forever coupon"

...... etc.....  until .....

after 8th order  = 10% off "forever coupon"

** Please note that next order counts only if there are at least 7 days between orders ( no combined orders in other words ).


Happy shopping !

Last Updated: 23 Sep 2016